S’More To Love S’More Maker Makes Munchy Magic

There is something special about certain foods, and sometimes when you mix certain ingredients together magic happens. This is true in regards to S’Mores, the smell, the actually site of these morsels of magic goodness can make a hungry person nuts, and a full person hungry again.

There are too many ways to make S’Mores, much too many recipes to list here, but the basic ingredients are… basically the same. The only problem about S’Mores is making them; it can be a hassle at best, especially if you are out in S’Mores’ country, around a campfire. Well, not any S’More! Now there is a great new way to make S’Mores easier, at home in your oven, over a grill or holding them over a campfire.

It’s called the S’More To Love S’More Maker, and it pretty much describes what it does, it makes making S’Mores easier, because it holds all the magical ingredients together, the chocolate, the cracker and the marshmallow, so you don’t have to. The wire S’More holder/basket can coddle six S’Mores at a time, which means S’More S’Mores for everyone!

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