Smarty Ring Is The Smallest Notification System For Your Finger

Being connected to the digital world as most of us are, it’s crucial to stay connected. Studies have shown that people check their messages every 6 minutes… which can be distracting. When we’re not thinking, how many times do we put our phone down and walk away or leave it in your coat pocket. Of course that’s when the most import messages come in that are crucial to business or personal life.

Forget the time-consuming distractions of checking your phone, or missing a message. The Smarty Ring connects to your mobile device via bluetooth, and helps by sending your finger tiny vibrations each time you get a notification from your phone. Being the sheer size of it is fits right on your finger, it’s easy for it to go unnoticed, aside from the futuristic display panels around the circumference of it that are something out of a sci-fi movie.

This high-tech piece of jewelry boasts an incredible amount of features.

  • Accept or reject incoming calls
  • Make outgoing calls to preset numbers
  • Trigger camera
  • Control music
  • Change profile
  • Clock on fingertips
  • Remote control for phone
  • Incoming & outgoing call notifications.
  • Alerts for Text and E-Mail messages
  • Real time updates from Facebook,Twitter, Hangout & Skype
  • Wireless charging
  • Bluetooth
  • 24 hour battery

Be careful which finger you put it on, because next time you get a message, you may just accidently flip someone off.


Smarty Ring Notification Smarty Ring Notification Smarty Ring Notification Smarty Ring Notification Smarty Ring Notification

Source – Indegogo


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