Smartphone Spy Lens Is Perfect For Secret Shooting Without Pointing

Smartphone cameras have advanced magnitudes in quality since the days of descent flip-phone cameras and their blurry, barely Facebook-worthy snaps. Alas, one dilemma remains: holding up and maneuvering a phone conspicuously while staring intently at the screen with all the concentration of a Jedi trying to snap Princess Leia’s slave-bikini top isn’t the most subtle means of discreetly taking a picture from afar.

When your everyday recon calls for a bit more stealth, this Smartphone Spy Lens has you more than covered. OK, so size-wise, it doesn’t exactly blend in subtley with any phone’s design. It does capture 90-degree-angle photos without having to noticably aim your phone directly at your subject. Think of it like a mobile periscope with a 365-degree swivel that allows you to lay your phone flat and shoot something immediately in front of you.

Essentially, any surface in the world is your personal tripod.

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Smartphone Spy Lens
Smartphone Spy Lens


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