Smart Dog Collar Keeps Your Canine Friend Barking Happily Without the Bite of a Microchip

Ever wish your dog could do all the tricks you wanted? Do you want to keep a closer eye on him/her without being overprotective or injecting a microchip underneath their skin? Lucky for all you dog lovers out there, a company named DogTelligent is making your canine worries a thing of the past.DogTelligent’s Smart Dog Collar has a plethora of benefits and features that’s too long to list, so we’ll keep it basic. This device has a built-in GPS that helps you track your dog in case they stray too far from your customized distance setting. The collar also helps keep track of your dog’s health with data you can view on your phone. The device even has vibration commands to help train your dog without hurting them.

Why use an old-fashioned reward and punishment system when you can adopt a new system that barks without a painful bite?

Source – OddityMall via Indiegogo
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