Slotdog Hotdog Scorer Keeps Condiments Exactly Where We Want ‘Em

The Slotdog Hotdog Scorer doubles up on improvements we had no idea our favorite cookout delicacy needed.

This 12.3″ tool streamlines a secret of better barbecuing practically as trustworthy as Kingsford charcoal, mesquite chips, and keeping the matches at least 50 feet away from twitchy Cousin Mikey at all times. Ever seen a truly sharp cook score deep slices into hotdogs before cooking? In addition to making the franks look like they were carved from dragon scales, those grooves widen as they heat up and allow sauces and condiments to sink in without sliding sloppily off onto hands, laps and shirts during the ensuing chow-down.

Enter the Slotdog Hotdog Scorer. The end-to-end blades along this gadget’s length achieve the exact same effect on a single surface of a frank or all the way around in a consistent, exact fashion and does it in a fraction of the time it would take to cut those little treads the same way with a knife. Slather the mustard, ketchup, relish, etc. anywhere you like. Pour it on and the sauces will sink right in where they belong.

Whether you want to score a single section or cut deep all-around treads, whether prepping shorter hotdogs or footlong franks, nothing makes a meaty impression quite like the Slotdog.

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