Slip and Slide Hockey Rink is Probably the Most Fun You Can Have This Summer

The Slip and Slide Whap-O Water Knee Hockey Rink has got to be one of the best ideas for a kids’ toy ever and is perfect for summer fun in the garden.

So what is it? Basically it’s a slippery surface you take outside that remains so thanks to sprinklers that keep it wet. This then allows a ‘puck’ to float across the surface and travel quickly. Meanwhile, the kids at either end must guard a goal and try and hit the puck into the opposing end. This is accomplished using supplied hockey sticks and while remaining kneeling (which handily prevents accidents).

Basically it’s like an excellent mash up of those arcade hockey rinks and a paddling pool/exercise mat and it’s incredibly good fun. Of course there’s nothing to stop Dad from having a go and no doubt slipping up and crushing the whole thing either…

And despite being a pretty impressive contraption the whole thing only costs $23.50. That’s a good bargain for what’s undoubtedly a lot of fun in your garden. Now the question is how you could bring other sports to the garden for summer… Like ultimate fighting maybe?

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