SlingPop Bottle-Opener Slingshot Is The Ultimate Bar Weapon

Screw maturity and practicality. We don’t need a reason. We want a BRNLY SlingPop because a combination bottle-opener/slingshot is a thing we want to have.

A product of respected knifemaker Burnley Design’s collaboration with Scout Leather Co. and Prometheus Lights, the SlingPop is fashioned from feather-light and double-tough 6061-T6 either complimentary transparent or extra-charge black or violet aluminum that has been deburred, surface-smoothed and finally glass-beaded for a fine texture machined in-house by Prometheus Lights.

However, this isn’t a Moen faucet: you aren’t buying it for looks at all. To the contrary, you want one because, if you should crack open a cold one and need to punish another drinker’s party-foul with pointed force and NOT happen to have a few BBs handy, you can simply load up the cap you just popped off with the SlingPop and fire at will.

Awesome Slingshots
Awesome Slingshots
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  1. projectiles and alcohol…always an awesome mix

  2. projectiles and alcohol…always an awesome mix

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