Slide Whistle Spoon Lets Your Kids Sip & Slide Loud Tunes During Dinner

We have our doubts that our favorite parents have recently sat down to dinner with their brood and groused, “This meal could be more ear-splitting and obnoxious.” Just in case, though…

The apex of five-year-old amusement technology has arrived, ladies and gentlemen. It’s the Sip & Slide – the sadistic fusing of a spoon with the single thing that could make it hurt more, the grating whine of a slide whistle. If there’s one thing children the world over instinctively recognize, it’s that every noise given to eliciting giggles of delight for hours on end consequently makes parents understand why some bears eat cubs.

Face it, everybody. This is the ideal cheap alternative to giving someone else’s little crumb-snatcher a drum set for Christmas.

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Perfect Gift For People You Hate With Kids

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