SkySaver Portable Escape System Says Adios to Fire Exits

You’ve always heard about safety in naturally occurring disasters, but honestly you’ve ignored it until now. In these situations, time is anyone’s most valuable resource, and in 2013 there were 330 naturally-triggered disasters that occurred.

Though work seems the last place to worry about such random incidents, it doesn’t keep these events from taking place. A former chief of the FDNY has developed a new technology that can assist in the escape of uncontrolled fires or other phenomenon. This device is called the SkySaver portable and is easy to use, self-contained, and can support 300-lb individuals.

Once this backpack is strapped on, one simply needs to attach the fire-resistant cable to a good secure point to use as an anchor, then the device will automatically lower the individual to safety below. Say goodbye to fire exits.Skysaver Emergency Rescue Kit 4Skysaver Emergency Rescue Kit 1Skysaver Emergency Rescue Kit 2

Source – SkySaver


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