Skyrunner Flying ATV Kisses The Ground Goodbye For 139k

Can your all-terrain vehicle take to the air as effortlessly as it conquers beneath your feet? Not if it’s anything less than Hammacher Schlemmer’s own FAA-certified flying ATV. Of course, that would mean it isn’t really an “all”-terrain vehicle and you were ripped-off. If you’re really nice, we’ll help you request a refund, but you owe us lunch this time.

This is the very first vehicle to pack two twin-cylinder engines approved respectively for terrestrial travel and flight into a single chassis. Start by savoring the force of 89 horsepower and a top speed of 75 mph harnessed by double-wishbone suspension for precision maneuverability with wheels on the ground. When it’s time for a truly unmatched thrill, let the 115 horsepower of the alternate four-cylinder flight engine take wing starting from at least 500 feet of runway and savor speeds up to 45 mph at altitudes as high as 10,000 feet. The accommodatingly straightforward flight system is comprised of retractable foot pedals to turn right or left and provided added landing flare, a 38-foot-wide attachable para-wing to provide lift from the back and a throttle quadrant to control climb and descent. Almost anyone can rule the skies from this baby’s cockpit.

The 13-foot-long Hammacher Schlemmer Flying ATV’s body is comprised of durably bonded carbon fiber composites and heat-treated steel tubing designed to support two passengers at a maximum combined weight of 580 pounds. Yes, you will need a sport pilot license to operate one.

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