Skyrim Funko Pop Vinyl Figures Give You The Will To Defeat Alduin

Do you find yourself immersed in the world of Skyrim for hours on end, to the point where its impossible to distinguish reality from fantasy?

Some games are truly amazing, like Skyrim, Elder Scrolls, for example. With an open 3D world to explore, gamers learn survival skills and how to negotiate and communicate with other characters in the game in the effort to defeat Alduin, the world-eater dragon.  With over 20 million copies sold, tt is such an amazing and immersive game that kids of all ages can’t stop talking about it and the adventures they have had in-game with others.

If your kid plays the game, and you want to show them you’re ‘hip’, get some Skyrim Pop Vinyl Figures for them, you will surely get their attention. Popular character races in the game such as the Breton, the Nord, and the High Elf are great toys to give to any Skyrim player. There is also the dreaded Daedric Warrior vinyl figure, and the very powerful dragon called Alduin – the dragon that destroys the world.

Skyrim Pop Vinyl Figures are very ‘hip’ toys, and giving one to a friend, or your children who play the game, is definitely going to score you some points.

FunKo POP Skyrim - Alduin 6 Toy FigureFunKo POP Games Skyrim - Dovahkiin Toy FigureFunKo POP Games Skyrim - Nord Toy FigureFunKo POP Games Skyrim - Breton Toy FigureFunko Skyrim Pop Games Daedric Warrior Vinyl FigureSkyrim - High Elf Toy Figure

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