SkyDeck Plane 360 Degree Bubble Dome Seat Is Ultimate In-Flight Entertainment

If you enjoy flying, being high in the sky above the clouds, then looking out of the small cabin window is almost depressing, because you can’t see much of anything. Wouldn’t it be amazing, if you could somehow sit ‘on top’ of an airplane while it is in flight, and not be blown away, that would be the ultimate flying experience.

Well, now you can have the ultimate flying experience – sitting on top of an airplane while it is in flight, with SkyDeck the revolutionary in-flight entertainment experience. Who wouldn’t want to experience the thrill of gliding among the clouds, seeing the full horizon like never before, sunsets and sunrises will never be the same.

For airlines offering SkyDeck as the ultimate in-flight experience, passenger satisfaction is guaranteed. Basically, it is an ideal way to increase in-flight revenues, by charging passengers to sit in the observation dome. SkyDeck is not only geared towards commercial airlines, but is a must have luxury for VIP aircraft owners.

For large airlines, the two seats SkyDeck is a good revenue maker and marketing lure, and for private aircraft a single seat observation chair with a staircase, instead of an elevator, are the recommended features.

You can discover more information about the possibility of installing the SkyDeck observation deck on your aircraft by contacting Windspeed Technologies. There are different configurations available and questions regarding structural modifications, aerodynamic effects, and certification requirements can be answered in detail. SkyDeck is something new and amazing, and aircraft that offer it will garner much attention

Source – Windspeed

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