Skull Soy Dish Wakes The Dead With Sushi Time

OK, clearing a few things up from the word “go” with this one.

We assure our guests, with 99.9% certainty, that their dead are not sending grave warnings via soy sauce. We have to cut ourselves off at 99.9% because, if decades of horror movies and Disney’s MULAN have taught us nothing else, it’s that the dead are frustratingly ambiguous gits who refuse to simply say what they mean.

That’s a bit moot, however, since the denizens of a realm beyond our own are not, in fact, having a come-to-Jesus chat about your mortality via your California roll, here. However, these artfully recessed skull soy dishes cast an awesomely ominous mood over any Japanese cuisine.

The small, round ceramic Maru Kozara are traditional Japanese plates traditionally used for serving soy sauce alongside sushi. Just add sauce, and it fills in the recesses in the bottom to highlight a ghoulish departed ancestor waiting to inform you that the squirrel you saw feasting on a cruller in the park today was an omen to bet $500 on the Diamondbacks against the Dodgers tonight.

As a finishing touch, your deathly Maru Kozara come paired with chopsticks to present your meal with an optional Jolly Roger.

Do not dishonor your pirate ancestors with your continued delays. Order these sweet Maru Kozara today to receive them in time for a Halloween feast from the Far East. Otherwise, beware monkeys eating scones at Starbucks.

Because, bad omen. We guess. Maybe. Sure.

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