Skull Decanter & Skull Shot Glass Set Spell Hangover Doom For Your Next Party

Sweet MC 900 Ft. Jesus, what is it with people and drinking and/or serving food and drink from skulls?

Seriously, the Skull of Doom Decanter, in all its intricate premium-glass glory, just resurrects so many questions that always accompany items such as these. When you all see a perfectly healthy, attractive person, is pouring shots directly from someone’s head really the first thing that crosses your mind? Is this some Conan “What is best in life?” thing that we’ve never experienced?

For whatever reason, skull-inspired drinkware is HUGE. Does 12-year-old single malt simply taste multitudes better when dispensed from what once held together your mailman’s thinky bits? Oh, and about those shot glasses: we choose not to linger too long pondering just where some of you might be fantasizing about getting skulls that tiny. Just….no. We’re not going there, and we urge you to turn around and come with us.

Some of you just won’t give up the ghost, though. For you, there’s this ornate carved head hollowed out to hold 33 ounces of your libation of choice and two 1.6 oz. shot glasses, along with a cork stopper for the decanter.

If it pleases our readers, we choose not to suppose how you normally clean your skulls for proper serving, but the Skull Of Doom Decanter and accompanying shot glasses are strictly hand-wash-only drinkware. Decanter Skull Shot Glass Set 3

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