Skull Bike Bell Dings “Born To Peddle”

If there’s one thing our neighbor with 20″ spinning rims and a $10,000 custom stereo on his ’95 Honda Civic hatchback with the dangling bumper has taught us, it’s any ride can be as bad-ass as we want to make it.

Assaulting our neighbors with the official soundtrack to “The Fast And The Furious” at 2 a.m. on a Monday isn’t really our style. Then again, neither is owning exactly 365 Affliction or Tapout shirts or dangling rubber testicles off a trailer hitch. However, when we proudly roam our block in packs of lean, mean Schwinn machines, these Skull Bike Bells from Suck UK leave no doubt who runs those pedestrian friendly bicycle lanes.

For centuries, bicycle bells have warned the streets that it’s ride or get your toes rolled on, all day every day. The traditional spring thumb lever lets out a good, loud ring from the compact brass bell that gives even the most distracted and reckless cab drivers one warning that they can either yield take some seriously unsightly dents.

Tread lightly when you wander into our crosswalks, sidewalks, and dedicated traffic lanes. You’re on Hell’s Paperboys turf, son.


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Skull Bike Bell (7)

Source – SuckUk

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