Skull And Crossbones Rolling Pin Makes Easy Delicious Ghoulish Cookies

It’s Halloween. Sure, you want the coolest damn treats on the block, but who has the time? Decorations must be hung. You have a Sexy Kim Davis costume to plan and letters of apology to pre-write to your church at large. You once again put off buying a trunkload of toilet paper until the last minute.

You know, for anyone at your church who makes a fuss about your Sexy Kim Davis costume, just in case they should come down with food poisoning. In the middle of the night. And you have to leave extra TP where they can find it. In the trees.

Point being, as much as you yearn to knock some socks off with your realistically detailed Freddy Kruegger cookies like last year, you need something a bit….”quicker”. Here, have a Skull and Crossbones Rolling Pin from Etsy store Mood For Wood.

Cookie embellishment doesn’t get much simpler than this handcrafted beechwood rolling pin. Skulls and bones are embossed right into each pin’s surface, so that when you roll out your dough, the skeletal signatures are pressed right into your macabre morsels.

Skull and Crossbones Rolling Pin (1)Skull and Crossbones Rolling Pin (4)Skull and Crossbones Rolling Pin (3)

Source – Foodiggity

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