SkinGun Sprays Burn Victims With Own Stem Cells For Rapid Healing

Much is happening in the world of medicine today, as scientists are discovering more ways to heal people, especially in the field of burn treatment. Effective burn wound healing is a complicated process that has just been simplified and made more effective, using the new SkinGun that treats burn victims, by shooting them with their own stem cells.

Using stem cells is the best and most effective means to treat severe burns because it decreases inflammation and prevents scar progression. Compared to other established treatment methods, using stem cells greatly increases the healing time and is able to cover over 200 times more skin depth area.

Basically, how it works is simple, it sprays a very, very soft mist onto burn wounds. In fact, the mist is so fine it produces 20,000 droplets per spray compared to less than 100 drops per spray by the best other brands. This allows for greater skin coverage, increased healing and scarring is greatly reduced. Stem cells can be prepared and applied in as soon as 90 minutes after arriving at the hospital, which is pretty amazing.

SkinGun-Sprays-Stem-Cells-2SkinGun-Sprays-Stem-Cells-4SkinGun-Sprays-Stem-Cells-3Source – Inhabitat

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This is a game changer for burn victims

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