Sketch And Sniff Colored Pencils Make Drawings Smell Delicious

This is the very reason we create art, kids: we like to smell the colors.

Wait, that’s not right. That’s the reason we always make someone hide our markers before we start in on the Jaeger shots. Last time we let that precaution fall by the wayside, we scrawled “JULIO IGLESIAS RAWKS” on our newly redecorated bathroom’s walls.

Oh, now we remember: that’s why we love these Sketch and Sniff Scented Colored Pencils. Silly us. Nothing soothes us quite like a grown-up Saturday spent coloring over coffee, then marveling at how we’ve made Rainbow Dash smell like nothing short of a magnificent orchard in full bloom, all awash with scents of strawberry, coconut, blueberry, pineapple, and the like.

Ah, we love the smells of ponies in the morning. They smell like friendship, and friendship smells like Skittles taste.

Sketch and Sniff Scented Pencils-1

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