Skeleton Skull Beer Stein To Drink the Blood of Your Enemies

Anita Blake re-animated the dead while slaying supernatural creatures. Sauron was the Necromancer from the Hobbit and chief lieutenant of the Dark Lord, Morgoth. Bruce Campbell slayed hordes of the undead with his boomstick while lusting after beautiful women.

You may not be a death-defying mage or battle-seasoned warrior, but you can sure as hell drink like one. Kikkerland is giving you some serious machismo with their Skeleton Skull Beer Stein. This 16-ounce mug is shaped like a skull and is a little too happy to be dead with those chompers showing.

Fill it with red wine to get blitzed while you sip on the blood of your rivals or fill it with your favorite frothy beer and foam at the mouth like the dog you are!
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