Skateboard Bookends Make Reading 21% More Radical

We’ve had a few issues letting go of the early 2000s. Neither you nor every rush-hour modern rock DJ in our metropolitan area will ever convince us that Limp Bizkit and Creed weren’t their generation’s Beatles and Rolling Stones. Yes, our emails are nursing a lost cause to fast-track their waiting periods for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction – we’ve come to grips with this – but the fact 2015 ushered in yet another disappointing Tony Hawk video game lends us comfort that someone somewhere shares our conviction that skateboarding has earned a position alongside such timelessly beloved sporting pastimes as jai alai, roller disco, the Pro Bowlers Tour, and prancercising.

Everybody will always love skateboarding. Forever. Shut up. No, YOUR face is stupid.

When skateboarding returns to mainstream adoration, be prepared to fly your O.G. flag proudly with these inventive Skateboard Bookends from Etsy crafters Skate Home. These inventive knick-knacks hold your library upright on their shelves using the nose and tail of an actual skateboard. Until “Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2” gets a proper HD current-gen console remaster and skateboarding replaces every Olympic track and field event, it’s our reigning favorite tribute to a time when we were the kids who wouldn’t get off people’s lawns.


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