Skarp Razor Blade Shaves You With Lasers

The shaving technology used over the past 5,000 years or so has been to thank for some quite handsomely groomed gentlemen and ladies through the years. It has also given way to more than 2 billion dangerously sharp razor blades discarded in just the United States every year into landfills and garbage dumps and untold gallons of water washed away every year while corners of the world are mired in drought and horribly high prices for basic water service.

The Skarp Razor’s design team decided that precision-calibrated lasers, not finely sharpened and disposable steel, could much more closely trim human hair and do it with no scratches, razor burns, infections, itching or accidental nicks to foul the world’s finest shave.

The 6061 aluminum prototype Skarp Razor has a light, effortless stroke that removes hair more smoothly than not only shaving but any depilatory cream or waxing around, and does it all with no cartridge replacements. Just as importantly, it’s a shaving experience that’s perfectly shower-safe but actually requires virtually no water at all.

Skarp Lazer Razor Blade 2

The Skarp Razor’s development expanded upon a limitation to the previous discovery that certain specific light wavelengths could handily cut through dark hair but weren’t nearly as effective on lighter hair colors.

Enter the chromospores. Researchers discovered that certain light-absorbing particles in every strand of human hair could be cut with precisely colored light wavelengths, regardless of the human subject’s age, race, or gender.

Oh, that’s right: the Skarp Razor also happens to be the most absolutely “unisex” shaving tool ever created.

Each Skarp Razor has a 50,000-hour lifespan and is powered for up to about a month on a single AAA battery. Since the extremely low-power laser enters only the hair without breaking the skin and emits no UV, it poses no risk of skin damage. It produces no smell as it removes the hair and, as suggested above, is 100% waterproof and shower-safe.

The hype is very real. With 22 days to go in its Kickstarter campaign as of Sept. 28, the Skarp Razor has blown away its initial $160,000 fundraising goal with over $700,000 raised by more than 4,700 backers.

Source – Skarp Technologies via Kickstarter

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