Siva Atom Bicycle Charger Recharges Your Gear While You Ride

Charge! Ride On With The Siva Atom Bicycle USB Charger/Battery Pack

Longtime fans of THE SIMPSONS might remember a gag from an earlier-season episode in which Bart Simpson engages a generator on his bicycle that, unfortunately, nearly grinds his ride to a halt trying to harness his pedal power to run the bike’s lamp.

This would be far from the first time we’ve watched those classic early episodes and thought America’s Favorite Underachiever was on to something. It’s just the first time we concluded as such without an idea involving yanking Australia’s crank or launching elderly women from toilets via small explosives. Best you don’t ask.

The Siva Atom USB Bicycle Charger and Battery Pack is a can’t-bust-it tough little dynamo guaranteed to stand up to anything short of submersion with a lithium-polymer battery pack made for a 2-4 year lifespan. This handy beauty will charge and actively power an iPhone, Android phone, GoPro, Lights, GPS, Bluetooth speaker or a host of other devices – really, anything short of a laptop, hair dryer, disc brake or coaster brake – while you pedal fresh from the box in minutes with minimal rolling resistance and IP-4 waterproofing.

If high adventure on a Huffy isn’t the order of the day, the removable backup battery holds quite a stored charge of its own, whether accumulated while riding or charged from any standard USB port. Whether you’re harvesting some juice while in motion or powering your devices from your desk, the Siva Atom lights it up wherever it happens to be needed.

The Siva Atom may require a small -5mm spacer for some mountings, but fits compatibly with fenders, panniers, racks and frames of all designs.

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