Sin City Hustler Luxury 4×4 Monster Limo Rides To Occasions In Extreme Style

Do you have a special night coming up, such as a prom night, a wedding reception, or a special night on the town? Do you need a ride, but don’t want to conscript a friend’s or relative’s ride? Are you tired of hiring a standard stretched limo? If you are looking for a ‘unique’ ride to that special night you have planned, and you want to cruise in something that will make an impression, then you need to hire Sin City Hustler – a luxury 4×4 monster limousine.

Yes, that is correct, like a monster truck, but its a limo. It is truly something to behold, and getting inside is easier than you can imagine. Much like military personal carriers, Sin City Hustler has a hatch in the back that lowers down and becomes a ramp. It sounds pretty crazy, but when you see it, and you have a look inside, it is really an… awesome vehicle, to say the least.

Cruising down the road with your friends 12 feet above the ground in this Monster Limo, that is 32 feet long, tires that measure 66” x 44” x 25” and it’s got a massive 700hp engine that can propel you in direction your going, road or no road, is exhilarating.

If you want a sure-fire way to get noticed at the prom or on your special night out, then you and your friends better hurry and rent the Sin City Hustler, before someone else does!

Monster Limo (7)

Monster Limo (3)

Monster Limo (4)Monster Limo (6)Monster Limo (2)Monster Limo (1)Monster Limo (5)

Source – MikeShouts via Big Toyz Racing via Car Videos

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