Silicone Swimming Fingers Web Your HandsTo Improve Your Swimming

These Silicone Swimming Fingers have inspired a 180 among the Unique Hunters staff’s position on webbed digits.

Sure, like many, we once wrote off being born with aquatically adapted fingers and toes as the stuff of cautionary tales about nuclear energy and the worst-case scenarios of leaving certain cousins together alone in a moonlit pasture on Valentine’s Day with a Conway Twitty 8-track and a jug of Ol’ Stump-Blower in a pickup truck with three good wheels.

Granted, these personal removable swimming appendages look like someone made a hand-puppet out of a jellyfish. Be that as it may, consider the advantages.

For one thing, they fit even more neatly into any beach-bound bag than the competing Darkfin Gloves. However, they also somehow feel more comfortable and natural when worn than similar neoprene or latex products. They meanwhile improve resistance and improve swimming technique for any swimmer, surfer, boogie boarder or diver by providing more surface to catch and push water for more dynamic propulsion.

Besides, if you’ve ever wanted to cosplay as HELLBOY’s Abe Sapien, consider yourself covered.

Silicone Swimming Fingers are available in Sizes Small thru Large and packaged in either single pairs or three-packs.

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