Shuriken Magnets Avoid The Messy Cleanup of Your Fallen Rivals

The Shaolin Monks have flying fists of fury. The Kingdom of Camelot has knights and archers, but you’re a freaking ninja! Who else can make themselves virtually invisible and maintain deadly accuracy? Ninjas! Thats who.

Even if you’re not the best marksman, Naruto didn’t become a ninja in a day. If you’re just craving something foreign or simply can’t get enough of ninja movies and anime, Amazon’s got a plethora of options online with Shuriken Magnets.

That’s right. Why put your weapon into your enemies when there’s all that bloody cleanup? And what’re you going to do with the body?! Stick that shuriken on your fridge instead. Got a love for cute and deadly things? Snatch some pretty pink shurikens. Or if black is the color of your abysmal soul, then go with the classics. At least this way you won’t have to keep explaining why your place consistently smells like bleach.

Ninja Star Shuriken Magnets 1 Ninja Star Shuriken Magnets 2 Ninja Star Shuriken Magnets 3 Ninja Star Shuriken Magnets 5 Ninja Star Shuriken Magnets 6 Ninja Star Shuriken Magnets 7

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