ShredMachine Shreds Cooked Meat In Seconds For Faster Meal Preperation

Compared with the magnificent simplicity of the ShredMachine, we would just as soon experience a prostate exam administered by Freddy Krueger before ever manually shredding juicy cooked meats every again.

As much as we love fresh, tender pulled pork and carnitas, that’s roughly how much we hate clumsily scraping a pair of forks over the same cuts of meat for minutes at a time. Buster Bluth on a quaalude the size of a tennis ball has more manual dexterity than we do. Thankfully, this miraculous offering from Fusionbrands cuts cooked chicken, pork, or beef to ribbons with just a precious few half-rotations of its handles. Just like that, the dinner table is your Chipotle, minus rushing to the bathroom convinced your anus is about to release a Kamehameha Wave.

Cleanup is even appreciatively easy, thanks to its two-piece durable and dishwasher-safe nylon design made to endure high heat. The base catches residual juices for quick dumping while the meat remains succulently moist.









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Quickly prepare restaurant favorites at home

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