Shotgun Shell Mug Would Make Clint Eastwood Proud

If you’d like to feel a little more manly while drinking tea or coffee, then you have two options: wrestle a bear while you do it, or drink out of this shotgun shell mug.

Not only does this shotgun shell mug look like you’ve got a massive shotgun (nudge, nudge) but it also has emblazoned on it the legendary words of Clint Eastwood: “make my day”.

Shotgun Shell Mug

But while that’s a cool line, it’s quite probably that this isn’t actually what Dirty Harry meant when he spoke those words. For most of us though, a mug of coffee is precisely what we need to indeed make our days.

Most of us you see, are not Dirty Harry.


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Make YOUR Day - with a drink from this Mug

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