Shotgun Shell Bottle Opener Explodes Each Time You Open A Beer

Rule 55 of Internet Manliness: if it is a gun or of a gun, it is the most useful invention in all human history. That includes anything, such as the Shotgun Shell Bottle Opener, that sets off a gunshot sound every time you snap a cap off your favorite microbrew.

(Rule 55a: You will know Heaven by the nexus of beer, guns, and bacon. At least, you’ll know you’ve stumbled upon Ron Swanson’s Heaven.)

There is no more precious little pleasure of life than removing that last vestige of freshness protection that separates you from the glory of those sweet, sweet suds. It’s a scientifically proven fact that guns make beer better. Every time. Without exception. Under any circumstance.

Praise the beer, and pass the ammunition. Only in America, children. Only in America.




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