Ship Your Enemies Glitter Anonymously For $10

Glitter. Those sparkly little specks that never seem to go away no matter how hard you try to clean. While it makes your arts and crafts projects or costumes sparkle with indescribable pixie beauty, it can be the scourge of ones own sanity.

ship your enemies glitter

One Australia-based company has realized this and decided to take advantage of how you can get back at your worst enemies. For a small sum of money, less than $10, they will ship an envelope full of glitter to anyone, anywhere in the world. Best of all, its anonymous, so the sparkly deed can never be traced back to you. Their plan is to hide the glitter in a folded note, to increase maximum spillage The thing is, your unsuspecting victim will get the unassuming envelope from hell, and without thought rip it open, spreading the sparkly demon spit all over the place….never able to get it fully clean. Months, even years later, there will always be a tiny speck somewhere that pops out, reminding them of the hell that was unleashed upon them.

shipping glitter

This reminds me of a story of a bunch of people I knew who were planning on playing a glitter trick on a co-worker. The plan was to sneak into their car, and dump a bag of glitter in the air vents. Then, when this co-worker put on the heat or air conditioner, an explosion of glitter would bask this individual and entire contents of their car in glorious glitter hellfire.

Real or not, buyer and recipients beware for any unmarked letters. One thing to note, is the company shipping this put together a few FAQ,

blow glitter 2

via – – source – Huffington Post


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