ShiftWear E-Ink Shoes You Instantly Customize With An App

Have you heard of ShiftWear? No, well, you will surely hear much about this high-tech shoe soon enough. It is the last pair of shoes you will need to own. Why is that? Well, just think for a moment, how many pair of shoes do you own? Most people have a few pairs of shoes, to match the rest of their clothes, but what if you had a pair of shoes that could be custom designed with any image or color you wanted, within minutes!

Wrap your head around that idea, now how much money would you save on shoes each year? Well, there is such a high-tech shoe, and it is called ShiftWear, because it can shift the color and design of the shoe whenever you want. How does it do that? Using an app on your smartphone, you can choose the imagines you want to display on your shoes!

The outer material of the shoe is equipped to display HD-quality images on your shoe, thus giving people the power to design their own style of shoes; it’s nothing less than amazing. And, the discretely placed battery can maintain that imagine for up to 30 days.

It’s an awesome idea that has been excellently executed and will surely be the spark that starts the next ‘shoe wars’. There is much information on this amazing ShiftWear shoe, and you can read more about it here

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