Sherp ATV Drives Like A Mini-Monster Truck, Looks Like Supervillain Vehicle

So….what does the scenario look like that justifies the $65,000 SHERP ATV not finding its way into a future “Mad Max” movie?

It would look asinine, if it didn’t already seem so damn awesome. This big-boy toy is designed to where even traditional 4x4s and SUVs fear to tread, thanks to ludicrously sized custom tires supported by pneumocirculation suspension and topped with a modest cab. This tall, stocky stack of flapjacks is built to conquer obstacles over 27.5 inches tall and lay waste to snow, cut swaths through rivers, and generally own the nastiest terrain on Earth with a 2,866 lb. 44-horsepower Kubota engine that can throttle up to 27.9 mph on land and hit 3.7 mph on water. It also stands up to daunting inclines at speeds up to 9.3 mph and maneuver in its own length with a skid-steer mechanism similar to a tank’s.

Seriously, how is Batman himself not driving one of these babies already?

Every SHERP ATV’s self-inflating tires are designed with unique paddle-like treads for maximum versatile traction. The body seats two with optional lever-based cooperational steering and includes drainage valves to relieve any water that might seep into the body. Speaking of, the body itself is available in a standard tent-like roof configuration or the “Kung”, swapping in a customizable cabin arrangement, specialized shock absorbers, and a roof-entry hardtop.

Both models include analog instrument panels, halogen headlights, and a 58-liter fuel tank.

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