Sharkbanz Magnetic Wrist Band Repels Sharks In The Ocean

Water activities are a major part of tourism around the world, in fact, the best ocean resorts in the world accommodate tens of millions of people a year in water sports like surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

The greatest risks involved in these fun activities, other than neglecting the basics of water safety, is shark attacks. It’s proven that sharks are attracted to humans, because they mistake them as their food source. For example, swimmers and surfers may appear as seals or turtles to sharks. Thankfully, there is a way to assure any shark that you are not his food, it’s called Sharkbanz.

This is an item everyone on vacation should have, especially if they plan on engaging in ocean activities, just to be safe. Not only will it give you a piece of mind, it could save you from losing a limb, or worse.

It works on simple shark science, developed by scientists Dr. Eric Stroud and Dr. Patrick Rice, a shark expert and a marine biologist, years ago they created Shark Defense around repellent technology, rather than physical means. With their collaboration Sharkbanz was founded.

While many shark attacks happen in murky water, sharks are sometimes unable to distinguish their food, but when magnetic technology is used to send a signal to sharks’ elector-receptors it let them know you are not lunch.

If a shark gets close enough to the magnetic wrist band to receive the signal, they will leave the area, believing you are not its food. It is amazingly simple technology that will surely allow many people to enjoy their vacations, without worrying about their safety in the water.

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