Sexy Skeleton Cosplay Body Suit May Scare You Out Of Your Own Skin

If you want to show up to your next cosplay event in the coolest fashion, we recommend going as a skeleton. Not a cheesy skeleton t-shirt with leggings, but this X-Ray Bones Costume that transforms you into a skeleton. It basically removes everything from your body and leaves behind the bones. Just kidding, but it looks like that!

This costume is professionally made by Bulgarian designer Chavdar Dobrev who claims it to be the best skeleton costume in the world. We can back him up on that! This costume comes in XS, S, M, L, and XL so it’s perfect for all body shapes and sizes as well as both males and females. It is made from Italian Lycra fabric, designed to stretch four ways without getting stretched out. HD molecular inkjet printing ensures that your costume won’t fade from getting stretched.

The one piece skeleton costume fits you like a glove and closes with a hidden zipper in the back. Once its on, the spine of the costume disguises it so that no one will ever know. As a bonus, when near a UV light or blacklight, the skeleton glows in the dark and creates a unique effect that makes it even more realistic. Integrated in the stomach area of the costume are several butterflies, representing butterflies in the stomach. This unique touch adds some comedy and intrigue to the costume as well. Whether you’re going to a party, cosplay convention, or just want to be a skeleton, this amazing bodysuit costume is for you!

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