Sexy Cosplay Starlet Invokes Rule 34 Because Rule 35

Cosplay is a diverse and colorful art form that calls strongest to the self-starter. The inherent value placed on detailed craftsmanship can be enough to intimidate otherwise interested fans right out of diving into crafting their own ensembles and props. Fortunately, Russian cosplayer Jannet stands out as an up-and-coming name with ambitions of focusing on helping newcomers develop their talents.

A self-described experienced wig maker, her gift for cutting, styling, coloring and crafting striking hair to complement her various characterizations is a hallmark of her dedication. To date, her projects have ranged from a gender-bent Goku, a most seductive look for “The Flintstones” housewife Wilma and a very sultry take on Janine Melnitz circa “The Real Ghostbusters”, but she has also dove right into otherworldly captivatingly sexy takes on “Mortal Kombat” villainess Sindel, Witchblade chosen one Masane Amaha, and an entire series devoted to “Kill La Kill”, to name a few.

Keep an eye out for not only a planned tutorial book focused on working with wigs, but a developing YouTube channel where Jannet plans to answer questions from beginning cosplayers looking to advance their portrayals. In the meantime, you can check out collectible books, order a custom-budgeted cosplay and shop a line of merchandise including phones, calendars, glassware and t-shirts inspired by her finest cosplays at today.

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