Severed Finger Soap Bars Help You Finger Your Friends

What is it with people getting so serious all the time? Why can’t people just relax and smell the roses? Life’s a game, so it should be played! Whether you enjoy freaking other drivers on the road out with your e-cig making them think you’re intentionally burning yourself or you like showing those other pranksters who’s really boss.

Love Lee Soaps from Etsy is thinking with their hands with their realistic severed finger soap bars that look like body parts. If you’ve ever stare at your cuticles, then you can appreciate the fine detail that went into these 2.5 ounce babies. Honestly, is there a better way to reach out to a bitter frenemy? We don’t think so.

Just do yourself a favor and don’t put your fingers in your mouth!

Severed Finger Soap Bars  (2) Severed Finger Soap Bars  (3) Severed Finger Soap Bars  (4) Severed Finger Soap Bars  (1)
Source – Odditymall
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