Sevenhugs Contextual Smart Remote Magically Controls Anything At Home

Point and click, press a button, swipe a screen, or remotely change the channel on your TV, the world we live in is all controlled by remotes. It’s magic – remote technologies that allow you to control electronic devices like your cable, your DVD and audio players, your home smart lights, thermostat, and the list goes on.

Like magic, remote technology is controlled by remote control devices, much like Harry Potter’s wand. A typical family can easily have 3 or more remote controls in the house, not including any security alarm system or remote thermostat controllers, and locating these, when you need them, is what frustrates parents the most.

Not anymore, because there is one remote “to control them all” – Sevenhugs Smart Remote, it can instantly recognize any of your devices you point it at, like a magic wand; and it adapts its screen to show available commands, allowing you to control anything in your home. It’s really that easy! Finally, someone created an all-in-one remote controller that is ‘smart’ enough to recognize any device.

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Sevenhugs Smart Remote
Sevenhugs Smart Remote


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