Sesame Street POP! From Funko Is Coming To Your Neighborhood

Anyone who watched Sesame street as a child will no doubt still harbor fond memories of the characters and as it’s still going today, there are plenty of young’uns who are still forming new memories of the show too.

With these awesome POP!s from Funko you can now relive your memories and please your kids with these charming little toys. There’s a Burt and an Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster and more… There’s also a Super Grover… Does anyone else not remember Super Grover? Man does Sesame Street have a knack for making you feel old…

Source – Funko

5723_SnuffkeupagusPOP_grande 4908_Ernie_POP_grande 4907_Bert_POP_grande 4910_Oscar_POP_grande 4913_CookieMonsterPOP_grande



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