Sensorwake 2 Olfactory Aromatherapy Alarm Clock Wakes You Up Gently With Your Favorite Scent

Who is sick and tired of being woken up by the chirping and beeping of a normal alarm clock? *Everyone raises their hands* Normal alarm clocks instantly start your morning off on a bad note by jolting you awake from sleep. You may be using your smartphone as an alarm clock, but sooner or later you’ll grow to hate the playful song it wakes you up with. Come on, we all know that nothing is that cheerful in the morning. Now, the Sensorwake 2 “alarm clock” uses a combination of pleasing scents, soft colored lights, and a calming melody to wake you up gently.

As you open your eyes to the scent of espresso and a soft orange glow, a smile will instantly spread across your face. Even though its morning and you had to get up early, being woken up by your favorite smell is much more enjoyable. Your morning will start on a better note and you’ll wake up feeling more rested.

Choose from 11 unique scents to start your morning: espresso, chocolate, “Edge of the Woods” (a wonderful, naturally sourced pine scent), peppermint, “Seaside” (the scent of tropical flowers and oceanside), cut grass, apple-cinnamon, orange juice, “Biscuit” (a buttery scent), tea tree (cool, fresh, purifying), and summer melon. Each capsule diffuses over three minutes along with a soft melody and soft lights to wake you up gently. The Sensorwake 2 works to wake you up by subtly stimulating many of your senses simultaneously rather than bombarding your ears with sound. For the best way to wake up, choose the Sensorwake 2 and start your morning in a good mood.

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