SensoGlove Digital Golf Grip Trainer Is Like Having A Private PGA Pro

Golfers are a dedicated bunch of sportsmen and women, when it comes to motivation to train, few athletes have such resolve. Golfers will do ‘anything’ to improve their ‘swing’, such as taking college courses in lawn care, private lessons from ancient living golf legends, and have acquired libraries of novels and instructional books and booklets on how to play a better round of golf.

On the ‘green’ you can find golfers outfitted with every kind of thing to improve their game such as the newest clubs, latest golfing shoes, classes and attire; just to get into the ‘swing’ of things. Well, now golfers have a little extra help available to them, it’s called the SensoGlove –the digital golf trainer allows technology to be mounted on your hand that can help you improve your golf game.

What it does exactly is to monitor your grip, so that you develop accurate and more powerful swings. The wearable hand sensor plays along with you and helps you improve your swing by providing information after each stroke. The main sensor measures 1.2-inches, and is a LED digital monitor that can be easily removed when needed. If you want to be analyzed, to improve your golf game, then take the SensoGlove with you next time you’re at the driving range.

The sensor was developed from a myriad of feedback from PGA professionals, and the glove itself is of the highest caliber cabretta leather. Basically, when you put it on, “it fit’s like a glove.”


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