Selfly Flying Phone Case Camera Drone Is The Most Portable Drone Yet

You know what a ‘selfie’ is, but have you heard of the ‘SELFLY’, maybe not? It is another autonomous flying camera, which might not sound like anything new, but it has a feature that makes it soar above the rest; it doubles as a phone case!

While flying drones with mounted cameras can get pretty small, carrying and storing them can be an inconvenience, and, it often results in damage, which is not the ‘case’ with the SELFLY. It is actually a phone case that separates into a flying camera, and the case prevents it from getting damaged when carrying it in your pocket or purse.

It roams above your head autonomously, so you can catch all the great times you are having with friends, or during your solo adventures. If you are looking for the best way to take epic selfies, forget using a pole or stick to hold your camera at extreme angles, just get a SELFLY instead.

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Easiest to carry most compact drone. Period.

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