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Self Propelled Aquanaut’s Suit Let’s You Explore The Ocean’s Depths For $825,000

A true explorer aspires to go where no one has ever gone before, the lure of mystery of uncharted places, melded with the spirit of discovery, is what motivates such people to seek the boundaries of humanity, and then to cross it.

Space is not the last frontier, no, Earth’s ocean and seas are the last underwater realms to discover, and you will find real live explorers wherever men, machines and the ocean are concerned.

If you are an explorer, a real explorer ready to go where no one has gone before, then its off to the oceans of the world you go. Just don’t forget to pick up one of these self-propelled aquanaut’s suits on your way out to discover the lost city of Atlantis. Seriously, though, it really is a submarine rather than a diving suit, and it is no less than amazing technology that makes venturing to the edge of inner space – the depths of the oceans, possible.

The aquanaut suit’s specifications and abilities are many, but it can reach a depth of 1000’, with an umbilical connection to a surface vessel that reaches 1,250’. Very few people, outside of a submarine, have ventured as deep, which leave 70% of the planet to explore.

If you want to make a name for yourself, dawn this amazing aquanaut suit, jump in and discover the mysteries of the deep blue seas.

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Living 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

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