Self-Drying Jacket Brings Back To The Future 2 One Step Closer To Full Reality (Sorry, Cubs Fans)

Not that this self-drying SDJ-01 jacket modeled on Marty McFly’s futuristic BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 outerwear isn’t a weather-defying way to end 2015 on an apropos note, but we just have to ask: wouldn’t waterproofing an ordinary jacket be both easier and less expensive?

Oh, well. You probably needed something to pair just “so” with your power-lacing Nikes, anyway. The jacket unfortunately eschews the BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 concept’s self-fitting sleeves, but hidden blowers tucked into the jacket’s sides will run air currents up exhaust vents positioned around the collar to keep you blow-dried and comfortable wherever and whenever a little rain may fall. Even on a mild, sunny day with not a drop of precipitation in sight, the blowers also happen to make for convenient portable air conditioning.

The SDJ-01 also happens to be surprisingly efficient. When fully charged, the built-in battery theoretically supports up to 30 minutes of continuous air flow, but the test runs significantly dried out soaked jackets within about a minute.

Falyon, the creators of the SDJ-01 currently need only $12,000 from faithful Kickstarter backers to bring this super-garment to production. For a minimum $149 pledge, one of the world’s very first self-drying jackets may arrive at your door fresh from the assembly line as early as April 2016.

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