Seinfeld Vinyl Idolz Figures Honor The Best Supporting Players

“Seinfeld” was a true television rarity in a number of ways, but in one particular sense that rarely gets its due: it’s at least nearly, if not equally, memorable for a cast of supporting characters arguably as beloved as its main cast. Quite a feat, considering some of them logged barely hours of screen time over the course of nine seasons.

It’s well past time that colorful bystanders such as the Soup Nazi, Puddy and Frank Costanza enjoyed their due moment in the spotlight after nearly a decade being caught in the crossfire of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer’s crossfire. Fortunately, Vinyl Sugar agreed and released this brand-new line of six “Seinfeld” Vinyl Idolz honoring all three in addition to J. Peterman, Newman, and even Kramer himself. You know as well as we do that your neighborhood basketball short rang with more than a few shouts of “No soup for you!” punctuating blocked shots. You know just how many times your family has warned you that your Festivus “feats of strength” are not welcome at Christmas.

Did they earn hand-over-fist money and come away from the end of “Seinfeld” with iconic places in the pop-culture zeitgeist like the shows focal four New Yorkers, Kramer aside, of course? Eh, not exactly. Does that make them insignificant bit players? We don’t much care for that term.

Seinfeld Funko Vinyl Idolz (7)Seinfeld Funko Vinyl Idolz (1)Seinfeld Funko Vinyl Idolz (2)Seinfeld Funko Vinyl Idolz (3)Seinfeld Funko Vinyl Idolz (4)Seinfeld Funko Vinyl Idolz (6)

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