Segway miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter Takes You Everywhere You Want To Go

Personal last mile transportation vehicles such as motorized skateboards have become very popular, but there are two-wheeled vehicles now like this Segway miniPro that offer far more benefits. The biggest one is that it automatically balances the rider, making it extremely easy to use and safer than electric skateboards.

This personal transportation device sports inflatable tires that minimizes skidding and maximizes traction, which not only makes it safer to ride, but also more stable on and off the road. The advanced technology that makes the miniPro possible to control is also impressive, as it allows for hands-free riding because the knee control bar allows you to maneuver it precisely.

However, there is an unexpected surprise – an app lets you control it remotely, whether you are riding it or not, it is definitely a feature many will fiddle with often. There are ways you can customize the lights for night riding, a vehicle diagnostic tool to make sure everything ‘checks-out’, and it has an anti-theft alarm.

You can expect to reach a safe top speed of 10 mph, and maintain that on a level surface for up to 14 miles, which is pretty far. So, if you are looking for a personal transportation device, then you’ve just found it!

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