Seeing Double? You Will With Alex Garant’s Collection of Dizzying Portrait Artwork

Whether you spent your childhood in dentist’s offices crossing your eyes to see 3-D images, have a fond love of kaleidoscopes, or simply love the effect of disorientation on your retinas, prepare to feast your eyes on truly mind-boggling and disorienting artwork.

Alex Garant, a Toronto-based artist, thrives in the surreal world of his own making. His inspiration in this collection comes from mesmerizing women that he sets in an otherworldly backdrop of hues and shapes. If that wasn’t enough, their stunning facial features are copied and refracted for a dazzling yet disorienting effect that you can’t look away from.

Though some of his pieces like Blur study 1 seem simply dizzying, others like Ghoul andThe Guardian borderline the realm of supernatural. Whether you’re simply looking for something obscene or maybe just looking for out-of-the-box artwork, Alex Garant continues to captivate and amaze with his originality. You can follow her work at  Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.



Source – Viral Nova via Alex Garant

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