See Your Favorite 90’s Cartoon Characters In Real Life

You may have seen an image doing the rounds on the web showing what Disney Princesses and heroes might look like if they had real skin and facial features. The result? Either quite fit or plain disturbing.

Well, now you get to have your childhood ruined all over again thanks to Buzzfeed’s Loryn Brantz who has imagined what our favorite anthropomorphic animal cartoons would look like IRL. Of course they all look like they’d make pretty bizarre creatures but SpongeBob SquarePants has got to be the strangest of the bunch.

Will Hollywood come a-knocking for any of these franchises now?

Darkwing Duck


RugRats Chuckie


Chip and Dale

Brave Little Toaster

Pinky and the Brain

Chip and Dale



Ren and Stimpy

Arthur 2


Rockos Modern Life

Source – BuzzFeed

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