Seabob F5 S Luxury Sea Scooter Toy Gives A Boogie Board Ride Some Balls

We have no choice but to adore a personal watercraft such a friendly, non-threatening moniker as the SEABOB F5 S. It’s Bob. How is anyone not going to want to spend a day on the water with Bob and a few beers? Forget Sunday Funday. It’s now Bob’s Day. Same thing, but with Bob.

So, what about Bob, you say? Tipping the scales at a lean, nimble 35 kg, this high-performance conveyance might as well be a jet-propelled boogie board with some serious legs under it. The SEABOB F5 S slices through the water with impressive handling even at the 680-newton propulsive force delivered by the E-Jet Power System’s six gears from a relaxing low cruise to a high-speed sixth-gear sprint.

There’s no small solo craft quite like it. This highly maneuverable toy accents a sporty look with chrome design and agility that makes it suitable for bigger pool complexes or wide-open waters. Grab hold and take a spin today.


Seabob Luxury Sea Toys
Seabob Luxury Sea Toys
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Super fun in the water

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