Scubajet Single Jet-Engine Lets You Motorize Small Watercraft

If you enjoy spending time in the water, engaged in water sports such as diving, canoeing, kayaking, or just paddling out to the yacht on your faithful dinghy, then you know your way around a paddle.

It’s true, it gets tiring sometimes getting around without a motor, especially when there is a good wind blowing, or the water current is against you. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a little help to get you through those tough times?

Well, that is exactly why Scubajet has surfaced as a popular brand of miniature marine motors that you can easily attach to nearly any small watercraft. While exercise is always beneficial, there are times when you need a motor, instead of just a paddle to get where you’re going.

There are no wires or cables to install the Scubajet single jet motor onto you water craft because the mounting kit allow you to control the thrust remotely. You can select start, stop, and different speeds, and, the easily changeable battery will last 1.5 hours at top speed.

For safety reasons, if the waterproof remote control gets a few meters away from the craft, the electric motor will automatically shut off – a design inspired from experience.

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Forget the paddles and cruise in comfort on any watercraft

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