Scratch-and-Sniff Banana Wallpaper Is Real. Wonka Fans Rejoice!

This Product Will Make Your Home Completely Surreal and Bananas

How many of you saw the original Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory as a kid wishing that the magical wallpaper that tasted like snozberries was in your room? Sanitary reasons aside, we now have the next best thing.

Well then this wallpaper will be right up your street because it’s completely bananas.

No, literally this wallpaper is bananas. As in it’s a pattern made up of hundreds of bananas that look like they’re raining into your living room.

But that’s not the weird bit. It is definitely weird. But it gets weirder.

Because the bananas also actually smell like bananas and the cherries actually smell like cherries!

Are you one of those ‘zany types’ who likes to do things a little bit differently? So if you’re looking for a feature wall that will stand out and assault the senses then this is certainly going to do that.

It may not be well-suited to every home.

Scratch Sniff Banana Wallapaper

Scratch and Sniff Wallpaper

Banana Scented Wallpaper Installed


Cherries Scratch Sniff Wallpaper


Cherry Scratch n Sniff Wallpaper

Source – Flavorpaper

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