Scrap Metal Universe Imagines A Fifth Element Inspired Flying, Floating City Of Tomorrow

This side of George Lucas’s original STAR WARS trilogy or perhaps BLADE RUNNER, one would find few sci-fi cinema adventures so beloved among futurists as THE FIFTH ELEMENT. Really, why not? As artist Alejandra Burdisio might attest with his four-year-old “Scrap Metal Universe” series might attest judging from his mind-bending aesthetic, it’s a far-flung setting that remains just rooted enough in believable contemporary looks to never feel utterly unbelievable. Like the romp that turned Milla Jovovich and Chris Tucker loose on an unsuspecting nerdy world alongside Bruce Willis, the anthology paints one gritty portrait of a world where the very vehicles, streets and buildings we recognize today might not be so much cast aside as….repurposed?

Who knows? Perhaps practicality will one day make up ground to the point that cabs, food trucks, ice cream vendors and other familiar vehicles can shun wheels in favor of repulsor engines for a future of transportation that’s a bit more IRON MAN than MAD MAX, complete with appropriate hovering fuel stations.

As worlds of tomorrow go, we could do a whole lot worse than a dash of Tony-Stark-meets-Steampunk anachronistic fusion.

Source- MikeShouts via Alejandro Burdisio / Facebook

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Fantastic retro-futuristic wasteland art

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